“SUMIKA” ,the source of my imagination.
Suddenly, a throbbing grief and joy emerge in the corner of my heart.
All the emotions that were kept in “SUMIKA” my heart were eventually pours in my painting
and that is where my new world appears.

“SUMIKA ”それは、私の想像力の源。

My heart is my "SUMIKA".
"SUMIKA" is a Japanese word for a den or dwelling; onefs nest of comfort.
This feeling and emotion is the origin of my inspiration. It is what resides deep within me, which may be why it cannot be put into words.
My aim is to portray this sense by creating an entirely new world where feelings can unwind, using light, atmosphere, water, life and objects. By forming new worlds through still life, I strive to express and
share my "SUMIKA" with the viewer.

私の心は「すみか- SUMIKA=Hometown-heart」です。